Metallica goes Hollywood for ‘Through the Never’ movie

During the busy TV season, he can barely get away. FOR MORE INFORMATION Health Wheels travels to five studios around Los Angeles to provide health care to workers who don’t have time to see their doctors. Appointments are made 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at each location, rotating among Raleigh, Fox, CBS, Paramount and Warner Bros. studios.

There were some people in the music world who were a little taken aback by the transparency of that film.” Through the Never needed to have that narrative from the start, and if they could put that into a music film, it would be something special. “If people like it, then it’s a great thing. But there had to be a story in there of more than four guys playing a rock show and eating sandwiches backstage in a prayer circle. The world doesn’t need another movie like that.” Metallica still has a couple of weeks left before finishing the movie.

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